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Top International Restaurants in New York

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Restaurants in New York City are as diverse as the five boroughs themselves. From the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, one is spoilt for cultural cuisine in New York City. Take a look at a few suggestions for intercontinental dining in the Big Apple.

Chinese – Shun Lee Palace

Street Address: 155 East 55th Street

Established in 1971, Shun Lee Palace serve up traditional Chinese delights from the Hunan, Beijing, Shanghai and Canton regions.
The menu offers fantastic surprises like grilled sea bass to hot & sour bean curd soup. A take-away menu is also available.

Spanish – Bolo

Street Address: 23 East 22 Street

Bolo is a Spanish themed New York restaurant, with focus of flavor and zest. Surprisingly, the restaurant does not offer any Tapas, but the other spicy options make up for it. The pricing is moderate to slightly expensive, but the casual atmosphere and colorful décor make up for it.

Polish – Bona

Street Address: 71-24 Fresh Pond Road

Bona is the place to go for cheap, quality Polish cuisine. The menu ranges from potato pancakes to potato dumplings, in true Polish spirit, but there is also plenty to choose from in between. This New York restaurant supplies take-aways and has a delivery service, and it also doubles up as a venue for parties and receptions.

Indian – Darbar

Street Address: 152 E 46th St

Another spicy stop in New York City would be Darbar. There huge menu and great service will leave you breathless. All the Indian favorites included, the menu offers an extensive selection of Tandoori breads and goat, lamb, fish, poultry and vegetarian options on most dishes.

Moroccan – Sahara East

Street Address: 184 1st Ave

Although it can get a little Pricey, Sahara East is a fantastic place to relax with a few friends. The fast and efficient staff of Sahara East look after you as if you were actually a guest in their home. Apart from the delicious Eastern dishes, Sahara East also offers Hookah pipes and a range of flavors. Relax in the smoking courtyard as the evening unfolds.

Russian – Firebird Russian Restaurant

Street Address: 365 W 46th St

Firebird Russian Restaurant provides its customers with a lavish evening of fine dining and a rich setting. Although slightly pricey, Firebird provides unsurpassed value for money is its presentation and pizzazz. Firebird Russian Restaurant is closed on Mondays, and reservations are recommended.

Irish – Muldoons Irish Pub

Street Address: 692 3rd Ave

Granted, Muldoon’s is not the only Irish pub in New York, but definitely worth the mention. This homely New York pub is a great place to stop for a pub lunch, or a few pints. The menu features specialty dishes from corned beef and cabbage to fish and chips. The friendly staff and typically Irish décor (and selection of taps) will have eye smiling – Irish or otherwise.

Vietnamese – Banh Mi Saigon Bakery

Street Address: 138 Mott St

Although it’s only a take away based deli and bakery, Banh Mi Saigon specializes in terrific sandwiches, and is a must if you’re passing by or required to make a cross town journey. The prices are extremely reasonable, so reasonable perhaps it’s worth a second visit.

Chef’s Uniform

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

It is said that the Chef’s Traditional Uniform as we see it today, was the inspiration of the great 16th century chef Marie-Antoine Careme.  Know as the greatest chef of his time, Marie-Antoine disliked the grey uniforms of his staff and changed them to white to reflect cleanliness within his kitchen.

Today the traditional chef’s uniform consists of a double breasted jacket, trousers, hat, apron, necktie and clogs.  The chef’s uniform is one of the few professions other than the military where you can recognise the rank of the person by their uniform, especially from the hat!

Chef  Jackets

The chef’s jacket is usually double breasted and can be buttoned up either way, this is very useful as a busy chef will have unavoidable stains on their jacket and then can simply button it up the other way at the end of the evening and go and meet their public.  Chef’s jackets are also made of thick cotton which is especially designed to act as a barrier against hot liquids and can be washed at high temperatures to remove stains.

Chef  Trousers

Traditionally in blue or black gingham check, these days the check pattern on chef trousers come in an array of colours. The pattern is designed to hide stains and the head chef will normal be distinguished by wearing plain black trousers.  Chef trousers are also known as baggies. Originally designed for men, these days chef trousers come in both male and female styles.

Chef  Hat

Originating from the 13th Century, the Chef hat is also known as “torque blanche”.  Torque means round in Arabic and “torque blanche” means white hat in French. The hat distinguishes ranks within the kitchen. The head chef wears the tallest hat.  Executive chefs can have hats as tall as 12”!!! On a practical note many of today’s hats incorporate a sweat band within the hat.

Chef Apron

The Chef’s Apron is made of thick cotton, aprons are usually white to match the jacket.  The thick cotton protects against the danger of heat in the kitchen. A Tea towel is often hung over the apron ties and used to constantly mop and wipe in the kitchen, this can then be discarded when soiled and a fresh towel put in its place.

Chef Shoes

Most Chef’s wear clogs in the kitchen, they can be slipped off quickly if boiling water is spilt onto the feet but mainly they are there for comfort, as Chef’s, they will be on their feet for most of the shift.  Chefs have worn Clogs for years but they have recently become popular with the public for comfort and come in an array of colours.

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