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A Look at Healthy Fast Foods

Friday, May 11th, 2012

Life is a fast moving journey sometimes, and many people do not have time to sit down to a home cooked meal full of healthy foods. Some people have to deal with the unfortunate fact that fast foods are convenience and sometimes not exactly healthy. However, there are ways to make foods healthy. That’s right, there are such things as healthy fast foods, and it just takes a little bit of education and savvy.

The first thing to remember when looking at a food menu is to see if anything is grilled. Grilled items will always have fewer calories than fried counterparts. Consuming lean meats will be a great healthy alternative, even if you’re captive at a fast food restaurant at your hometown.

The second thing to remember when looking at healthy foods is to avoid any special sauces, mayonnaise, bacon, and cheese. These will have a lot of calories, increase cholesterol, sodium, and aren’t that great to eat. If you can’t resist the draw of these things, make sure you get a smaller size.

For those looking for alternatives to unhealthy items, consider fruits & vegetables as alternatives to foods. Eating healthy doesn’t have to taste bad either, discover a wide array of options and pair them with a low-calorie dipping sauce and you’ll kick the fast food habit without sacrificing taste. Start slow, eliminating one or two foods for something a little more substantial and slowly unlearn the fast food mentality. Your body will thank you, for a lifetime.

Enjoying the Austrian Local Drink

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

If you are starting to organise your holiday to Austria, once you’ve booked your Innsbruck airport transfers, you may be want to read up on the local cuisine so you know what you want to try. You will have plenty of opportunities to try out a number of tasty local versions of beverages too.

Beer is found all over the world, but when you visit Innsbruck there are a few that you should definitely try if you enjoy a tipple. Zwicklbier is one of the most popular types of beer that you will find here, and it is a cloudy and very tasty drink. You will also find Märzen, which is pale lager, and wheat beer, and these are all worth trying during your time here. Beer is generally served in measures from 0.2 litres to 0.5 litres, but if you go to a festival then you may find one-litre measures being sold. On the way into the city on your Innsbruck airport transfers, ask your driver to recommend some local haunts that serve up the best beer.

If you want to wake yourself up to go and explore the city, you should not miss out on the exceptional coffee to be found here – this is one of the things not to miss.

It is often said that Austria brought coffee to Europe after the Battle of Vienna, but generally this is not considered fact. Still, coffee drinking became a very important social custom in Vienna, and the habit spread across the country. You can find coffee in a range of styles and local blends, including Mokka (which is a bit like an espresso), as well as some of the more standard styles like a cappuccino. Many locals gather together as a daily ritual in the city’s cafes as an important part of their social and business life. Again, your Innsbruck airport transfers driver will be able to recommend some of the best places.

Austria has some fantastic wines to offer, so you should definitely try as many as you can whilst here. While your Innsbruck airport transfers may take you past a few vineyards on your way in, the main wine growing region is the east of the country. One of the best wines is the white Grüner Veltliner, and if you prefer red then Zweigelt is the most common variety.

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